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Past Events
Tuesday 12.10.21 17:00
Azure DevOps & Terraform
• Run Terraform (IaC) through Azure DevOps
• Create and deploy a complex infrastructure as a code
Tuesday 26.10.21 17:00
Azure Jenkins
Jenkins & Azure DevOps
• Work with a third-party solution
• Connect Azure DevOps and Jenkins to perform the most from CI/CD.
• Create a fully hybrid CI/CD using Azure DevOps & Jenkins
Tuesday 09.11.21 17:00
Azure Artifacts
Artifacts – Build & Publish
• Build & upload package to “Feed”
• Learn how to use the shared package
Tuesday 23.11.21 17:00
Azure Delivery
Azure DevOps Continuous Delivery
• Go through Rest API, Azure Function, Query Monitor Alerts, Query Items
• Enhance continues delivery to get automatic short feedback
Tuesday 25.05.21
Azure Devops
Welcome to Azure DevOps Modules Overview
Learn how Azure DevOps helps in managing, simplifying and speeding up development processes in the organization
Tuesday 08.06.21
Azure Git Repo
Azure DevOps Repos Introduction – Gitflow Cycle E2E
• Connect between local environment & Azure DevOps Git repository
• Learn to automate the git flows between branches
• Learn about pull requests in Azure DevOps
Tuesday 22.06.21 17:00
Azure Devops Pipelines
Azure DevOps Pipelines CI/CD
• Build and deploy App service using CI/CD pipelines
• Show the E2E cycle of deployment from code change to prod deployment
• Undergo a full demonstration
Tuesday 06.07.21 17:00
Azure Github
GitHub & Azure DevOps
• Learn how to collaborate GitHub as a source code while using Azure DevOps as a CI/CD tool.
• Receive a full demonstration on how to trigger a pipeline from GitHub to Azure DevOps and manage the entire process.

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CloudEdge, an Ewave Group company, is comprised of over 20 experts specializing in Microsoft’s various worlds and top cloud services, primarily, Microsoft Azure, Automation, and DevOps.

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Cloudedge provides the tools you need to successfully utilize Microsoft’s upcoming Israeli Azure Data Center Region.